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Weights last night: 2 sets of 15

Squats, Leg Curl, Calf Raise, Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Pec Dec, Chins, Dips, Lat Pulldowns, Seated Row, Standing Row, Tripcep Extension, Bicep Curl, Situps, Back Extensions.

Exhausted by the end of it ;-)

My First Triathlon

I’ve decided on my first triathlon. The Star City Triathlon Series is being held in Sydney. Starting in January, there is a race every 3 weeks or so until April. I’m going to aim for the first race, on January 18th. It’s a relatively easy 300m swim, 8km bike and 3km run, so finishing won’t be a problem. Tom, John, Kevin, Neil, Niall and Billy are also interested, so hopefully we can get a big gang together. Should be fun.

Ireland vs Namibia

Had a good weekend in Sydney, culminating in the Rugby World Cup game last night. It poured rain throughout the game, but we Irish are used to that sort of thing. I also had seats in a relatively sheltered section of the stadium, unlike some of my friends who got soaked. Ireland won as expected, 64-7. Photos are up here.

Back in Canberra now for a couple of days, then heading to Adelaide and Melbourne for the games against Argentina and Australia. Should be fun.

Italy v Tonga

Skipped the gym last night and went to See Italy play Tonga in the Rugby World Cup. It was a good game. Pretty close until the second half. Italy had the upper hand throughout, but they were playing cautious rugby and the crowd didn’t like it. They kept getting booed when they opted (repeatedly) for penalty kicks rather than scrums.

I was up for Tonga, but they were too disorganised. They did manage to score two tries though, which at least gave me something to cheer about. All in all, it was a nice evening’s entertainment. Got home and had to watch those assholes on Channel 7. The panel is OK, but the Rugby Clubhouse is atrocious!

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R: 9.5min @ 11kmh, 1min @ 6kmh, 9.5min @ 11.5kmh

Row: 10min @ 2:03.5

S: 250m

I had intended to do more swimming, but was reminded how important it is to stretch properly after a weights session. My arms were still exhausted and very tight after yesterday, so I could hardly swim anywhere.

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Back into the gym last night for a weights session. Had forgotten how weak I am ;-) Nice and sore today, so a run or row should loosen everything out again.

Game On

Just finished another long weekend. Dave and Brian arrived from Ireland for the Rugby World Cup, so myself and Tom took Friday off and picked them up from the airport. There’s a lot to be said for two long weekends in a row, with only a 3-day week in between ;-)
The World Cup has finally started. Ireland beat Romania, and got the bonus point, so we’re off to a great start. Spent the weekend watching games with a multicultural audience: 2 Saffers, 2 Aussies, 2 Kiwis and me, the lone Paddy. The weekend basically boiled down to lots of good food, lots of beer and lots of rugby.
It’s all good.

Hectic Weekend


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S: 400 easy, 3 * 200m, 1 with paddles

YTD: R: 32.1km, S: 6000m, B: 9km

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Up bright an early this morning for another easy half hour down the gym.

R: 3 * (9min @ 10kmh, 1min @ 6kmh) HR:145 Dist: 4.77km

YTD: R: 32.1km, S: 5000m, B: 9km