Day 9

Swim: 100, 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, 100, 1min between each. Avg. Pace: 1:32

Up nice and early to get a swim in. Legs felt pretty good after last nights run, which was a relief. Swim went pretty well. Arms were pretty tired towards then end of the 300s and 400, but I had expected that. Managed a total of 1600m in approx. 30mins, so I could probabaly still swim 2km in 30mins if I didn’t stop for rests. I’ll consider myself fit when I can do it in around 25mins.

YTD: R: 20.91km, S: 4200m, B: 9km

Day 8

Run: 4 * (9min @ 10.1kmh, 1min @ 6kmh) HR: 150

Swim: 800m easy various.

Longest run I’ve done so far. Had to step down to 9mins continuous in order to get around the 30min restriction on the treadmill. However, stepped the pace up to 10.1kmh and didn’t really notice it. I plan on adding 0.1kmh per week, so hopefully by Christmas I’ll be running an hour at 12kmh. Swim was just a warm-down to loosen up after the weekend boarding.

YTD Totals:

Run: 20.91km

Swim: 2600m

Bike: 9km

No More Boarding

Had a great day snow-boarding on Saturday. Sunny day, decent cover all over and very few people, so there were no queues on most of the lifts. Had a spectacular wipeout early in the morning at the bottom of the Interceptor which stunned me a bit, but only briefly. Just as well I bought a helmet this season. It’s the third time I’ve banged my head since I got it. All the skiers are getting them now. Tom got his a few weeks ago, Neil showed up with a blue version of mine, and Gus, Kev and John are planning on buying ones next year.

Saturday night was spent in with a few beers and everyone cooking a big feed. Sunday morning was like a hospital, with everyone acting like walking wounded. I think there was so much boarding/skiing done on Saturday that everyone was sore. Got up to the slopes after 10, to find that all the crucial lifts were on wind hold, so turned around and went home. A bit of a disappointing end to the season, but Saturday was a great finish, even if we didn’t realise it at the time.

I also forgot to put on sun block, so I’ve a beautiful goggle mark on my face. I took a photo but forgot the cable to upload it, so I’ll do it tomorrow. At least I now look like a pro!

Skiing Photos

Uploaded photos from our trip to New Zealand and also from an earlier weekend down in Perisher.

Lies, Damn Lies

“The broad mass of the nation… will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” – Adolf Hitler

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels

“The liberation of Iraq is a crucial advance in the campaign against terror. We have removed an ally of al-Qaeda, and cut off a source of terrorist funding…” – George Bush

(courtesy of Warblogging)

Day 5

Run: 2 * (2k @ 10kmh, 100m @ 6kmh) + 650m @ 10kmh

Got up this morning to make up for missing the session last night, and also because we’re off to the snow tonight, so I’ll miss the gym tonight as well. Was supposed to do 3*(2k/0.1k) but the treadmill cut me off at 30mins. Apparently that’s normal, so I’ll have to structure my run around the 30min break. Maybe run for 14 min, then walk 2min and repeat. That would mean I’d be finishing my second 14min as the machine slowed down, and would give me 2 mins to stop and restart it. I’m trying to build up to running for an hour or so, so the 30min limit is a pain in the arse.

YTD Totals:
Run: 14.64km
Swim: 1800m
Bike: 9km

Day 4

Went for a few drinks with the guys from work instead. We only do it once every month or two, so it would be rude to miss it ;-)

Day 3

Run: 2 * (1.75k @ 10kmh, 100m @ 6kmh) + 1.3k @ 10kmh

Swim: 14 * 50 on 1:00 Avg: 41 SPL: 33 → 35

The run was supposed to be 3 sets of 1.75/0.1, which I programmed into the treadmill, but the bloody thing stopped before the end of the last set. Bloody pain in the arse. It also decided that I really meant to run at 1kmh on the second and third 1.75k so I had to correct that as well. In future I’ll just have to do it by hand.

The swim was OK, though I’m still hopeless.

Woo Hoo!!

The snow is looking good. In the last week 1.3 metres has fallen, so the season is back on in a big way. Myself and Tom are thinking of heading down on Friday, and maybe staying until Monday. No point wasting the snow while it’s still here!

Day 2

Bike: 17.5min @ 28kph, 90rpm

Swim: 12*50m on 1:00 (avg: 40, 33spl)

Had intended to do 30mins on the bike, but knee was acting up for some reason. It’s too early in the game to be doing the “no pain, no gain” crap, so called a halt to proceedings.