COVID Strikes

Tested positive this morning, via RAT test. Jacqui tested positive via PCR on Thursday, I tested negative via PCR on Friday. However, woke up with a very slight blocked nose this morning, so figured I should check and sure enough, there it was. The dreaded second line!

The dreaded second line

I’d seen research which suggested morning HRV was a good predictor of Covid infection, registering two days before a positive test. Sure enough, looking back at my data, Friday morning was my worst ever rMSSD score.

Morning rMSSD

I got a PCR test that morning but it came back negative. Too soon as it turns out.

Anyway, will see how things go from here. So far, very mild blocked nose and what feels like the beginning of a sore throat.

Am in isolation at home for 7 days. Recommendations from other people who’ve had it is a minimum of 10 days rest.

Was detrained already anyway.

CTL 20.9