Covid, Day 5

Feeling much better this morning. Definitely turned a corner. Still a bit congested and have a bit of a cough, but at least starting to feel somewhat normal again.

Covid Metrics

Morning heart rate dropped 10bpm & HRV has overshot up on the upside, but no longer depressed.

It is a weird pattern on the rMSSD readings. A big hit on the 8th which must be when it gets into my system. Then two relatively normal days before taking another nosedive on the 11th when I tested positive and it’s been gradual improvement from then.

Does this mean it takes your body two days to muster defences before launching all out war on the invaders?

Definitely the sickest I’ve been in 15 years or more, but given illness for me only means an annual head cold or two, that’s not saying much. Clearly the vaccinations are doing their job and hopefully that means no long-term complications.

The only downside is that they’re now saying with the latest variants that I can be re-infected in as little as a month!

Back to mask wearing!