Diet - Week 1

So, I’m on a diet.

General laziness and aimlessness over the last few years had seen me gain weight in discrete steps, but a recent MTB crash and attendant enforced restrictions on exercise saw what little fitness I had plummet and my weight peak at 95.5kg.

To put that in perspective, 25yrs ago when I had finished Uni and was still swimming competitively, my weight was around 76kg and as recently as 5 years ago when I was cycling regularly it was around 86kg, so I’m currently almost 10kg over my “doing some exercise but eating what I like” weight.

Time to address the metaphorical elephant in the room.

The “diet” at this stage is just eating decent food with normal portion sizes, minimizing useless snacks like biscuits and trying to get some consistent exercise going again.

Week 1 Diet Tracking

Tracking is this attached to the fridge. Columns for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Exercise. Green = good, Red = bad, Orange = not crap, but could be improved. Week 1 done and it’s clear breakfast and lunch are under control, but dinner and snacks need some work.

We’re off to Malaysia on holidays at the beginning of August, so I’ll keep this approach going until then to see what happens. If there’s no significant change in weight by then, I’ll tighten things up when I get back from Malaysia.


  • Bike: 101km
  • Walk: 11km
  • Weights: 30m

Not too bad given I’m basically starting from zero and have no fitness. Was aiming to get a longer ride in yesterday (Sunday) but wind was too strong/gusty so went for a walk and did weights instead.